Conquistador 001 (Useless Dreams)

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Lope Aguirre, the ’Wrath of God’, ‘Prince of Freedoms’ of conquistadors, defied King Phillip II and declared an ‘independent’ state of Peru.

1561 – Lope Aguirre –   

Title        less,

Land        less,

Vast oceans –

Needed land to live;

Land to breathe.

This first knife into scalp hurt the most.

    The second feels closer to home.

    The third forgets what land was.

The fourth remembers the reflection in the mirror.

Came here over Atlantic rapacity,

with nothing,

Earning nothing –

Homeland forgot him then;

Broken shards forgot you now.

Chasing metals and mines,

Wealth gained,

A blade in throat today,

Forgotten lovers tomorrow –

Mangle King Phillip; 

And mold him into leather.

What did you embolden then,

That Samuel would practice years later,

In fraternity,


In organization,

What did your nervous system phone in,

That Luis would calculate years later,

Alone with their mirror,

Alone with their lover,

    Broken shards and blood,

    And a mind of gold,

Extracting spirits –

    Mirror broken homes

    Mortgage loans,

    Furious proclamations,

    And false dedications,

Purchased land to breathe,

Purchased land to live.

    Sold lands abroad.

Nothing left but amnesia.

Empty skeletons now roam 

On calcium supplements.